Linda Whitehead


"Everything happens for a reason..."

Linda is an Australian-based Yoga and Meditation teacher who offers beautiful classes filled with conscious awareness and presence through movement, meditation and breath work. She understands first hand what it's like to live an active, busy life and believes that a regular yoga practice allows us to slow down, connect with ourselves and turn within. Linda is also a corporate Executive in a large fashion retail business and Mum to 3 young children so believes that having the ability to calm our active minds and keep us connected, centered and calm is key to our overall well-being. Linda travels regularly around the world in her corporate role, which enables her to collect and share yoga experiences in every city she visits. Her classes involve a mixture of slow vinyasa flow, yin postures, meditation and pranayama. All are built around a class theme or intention allowing you to drop deeply into yourself.

My Philosophy

Although life is a juggle, I believe that if you can re-prioritize your day to include just a little yoga or meditation session, we can calm the noise of the mind, release tension in the body and connect deeply into our soul which allows us to listen to what's really important in life.

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