Jodie Hlavachek


"Embrace the unknown and be in the moment. Life is happening now."

I began practicing yoga almost 20 years ago to establish a stronger mind-body connection. The practice brought me such immense positive shifts, that I felt called to share my teachings with others. So in 2018, I got my 200 hour teacher training certificate! My teaching style emphasizes fluid and graceful transitions, striking balance between strength-building and flexibility, and gaining overall bodily awareness. I believe yoga is about forming each pose to each unique body, rather than the body to the pose. After all, 'advanced' yoga is really just cultivating the ability to tune in and feel what is right for your individual anatomy and energy level, which can change from day to day, moment to moment. Off the mat, you can find me exploring out in nature - hiking, meandering, gazing at mountains or the ocean - reading, kickboxing, rock climbing (a new hobby of mine!), cooking, hanging with friends, or working on my yoga sequences!!


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Do not settle for a story you've been told unless it truly aligns with who you are. Do not settle for a life that is other than your best, and is truly what you want. Life is short but opportunities abound - we only need to keep our eyes open and seize them!

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