Victoria Wolfgang

"My mission as a yoga teacher is to help people tap into the infinite wisdom contained within their bodies and cultivate a deeper relationship with their greatest teacher of all-- themselves. "

Victoria Wolfgang has been practicing yoga since 2015, and teaching since 2018. She specializes in creatively sequenced ashtanga inspired classes. A passionate and lifelong movement enthusiast with bachelor’s degrees in both biology and psychology, Victoria has held space in the past as a Taekwondo Instructor and an Outdoor Program Instructor, before becoming a yoga teacher. She also practices acroyoga and conscious dance and is a fire performance artist in her spare time. Her unique teaching style is influenced by all these modalities, as well as exposure to iyengar, rocket yoga, forest, budokon, restorative, and mindfulness meditation. She currently maintains a disciplined mysore yoga practice.


Mimi Rieger Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Mimi Rieger Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

My Philosophy

I try to live my life through my own interpretation of the 8 limbs of yoga, with compassion, non-judgement, non-attachment, and non-resistance. I want to help people discover the immense wisdom contained within their bodies and to cultivate more self-love.

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