Joseph Conarkov


"A mountain will not always be a mountain. A sea will not always be a sea; Compassion and Wisdom will forever be what they are."

I was certified as a master hypnotist and hypnotherapist in 2002, and began my Shaolin journey in 2006, later being licensed in California as a Manual Therapist. Since then, I have seen amazing results in countless individuals who put their trust in these disciplines and find that combining mental and physical healing arts is a powerful approach to producing harmony and balance.


Certified Manual Therapist

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Bachelor of Science


Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Northern California

Southern California Health Institute

Southern California Health Institute

Shaolin Temple Los Angeles

My Philosophy

Does the Great Spirit ever stop loving us, even as we may stumble, and seem to fail? Nope. Not one living being. Not ever. Not for a moment. Always, the wisdom-compassion-intelligence of the Universe awaits our remembering this, our realizing that failure is feedback, remembering to practice the same unconditional compassion given to us by Grandfather. Adopting the spirit of kindness towards ourselves and others, we inevitably find our way home.

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