Holly Copeland


"Helping people cultivate unshakeable joy, clarity and calm in an uncertain world"

Holly Copeland is a coach, teacher, healing practitioner, writer and speaker. As founder of HeartMind Alchemy and HeartMind Alchemy Lab, and former conservation scientist, she unites ancient wisdom with modern science to empower clients on their path to human flourishing and living from unshakeable clarity and calm. In her signature program, Awaken-Heal-Breathe Holly blends sound healing, breathwork, and meditation to guide people out of the muddy waters of the ordinary thinking mind and release stuck energetic patterns to live in vibrant, effortless flow. https://heartmindalchemy.com/ Holly has been a featured guests on numerous podcasts, including The John Burgos Show: Beyond the Ordinary, writes for Medium magazine, and is publishing her first book next year with the Unbound Press: Conservation of the Soul: A Scientist’s Journey to Find Wholeness in a World that Feels Like it is Falling Apart. Holly is a certified Human Potential Coach and Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Breath of Love Practitioner, NeuroMeditation and Subtle Energy Meditation teacher, and Reiki Master.


Breath of Love Practitioner

Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Human Potential Coach

Neuromeditation Teacher

Reiki Master

Raising Our Vibration Meditation Teacher

Awaken Heal Breathe

Biofield Tuning

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