Stephen Altair


"Awaken To Clarity "

Unlock Your Unlimited Divine Potential. Altair has helped thousands of people around the world in courses, seminars, workshops and individual sessions of Divine Awakening Awareness Meditation Practices, Healing and Astrology for over 30 years. His guides are Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and the Archangels. He has written best-selling books, appeared on television, radio, newspapers and music shows as the healer of hearts and guided well-known sportspeople, politicians, psychics, musicians, spiritual teachers and communities in the Mystical Way of the Light principles. As a baby he was trained by his Godmother, a Mother Superior of the Carmelite Order in the Centering Prayer and Angelic practices of Mother Mary, Jesus and the Archangels, was a student of St. Germain and Paramahansa Yogananda, the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Mingyur Rinpoche and integrates ancient tantra, awake awareness and kundalini yoga with modern science and transpersonal psychology into the path of self-realization.


Certified Counselor

Ananda Kundalini Yoga

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation

Advanced Workplace Life Coaching

Reiki Jin Kei Do Masters Course

Vedic Astrology

New South Wales Counsellors and Psychotherapists Spiritual Counseling

Raising Our Vibration Meditation Programs

My Philosophy

Your Divine Potential is shining in the Light of Awareness in Your Heart. Knowing that Light, surrendering to that Light, trusting in that Light, be the Radiance of Compassionate Awareness.

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