David Starlyte


"Even if love, happiness, and enlightenment are your goals, the only path is in your BEING (state), the only way is FORWARD."

My background is extensive in the healing arts, psychosocial recovery, mental wellbeing, understanding and facilitating healing from trauma, uncovering layer by layer, always exploring "what is true." My original path was in design and I studied at the prestigious UCT School of Architecture. Feeling ennui and some existential restlessness, I moved to study mysticism in Jerusalem: this is where I began to learn and practice prayer / meditation as well as work as a body-worker. From growing up under apartheid Africa, I was deeply moved by conflict versus resolution/peace, equality of opportunity, shifting paradigms, exploring the divine feminine and divine masculine and ultimately transcending duality (NON DUALITY). I became a Naturopath (ND), Nutritionist and Certified Life Coach in Australia, and have worked globally as a wellbeing practitioner and healer. My MA is in Mental Health from Australia's only Buddhist University, and I currently study Humanistic Buddhism. I am a Certified Reiki Master and have been teaching Meditation and Qigong since 2011. I am currently based along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.


Guided Visualization Meditation

Chi Nei Tsang

Psychic Readings

My Philosophy

We always interface with the external from an internal space of consciousness. That is where our HEALING and STILLNESS reside - never outside of ourselves. When you look deeply into things, you realize the Buddhist truth of IMPERMANENCE - that everything is constantly CHANGING. There is no secret outside of yourself; there is no secret outside of your practice. When you forget what is TRUE, remind yourself that the TAO (the way) is within you, and the only way forward is to take a single step

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