Bridget Reichert


"If you are not living in awe, you are not paying attention."

I grew up in competitive sports, always on the go. When I first started practicing yoga over 20 years ago it was extremely hard for me to stay still, hold a pose and not think about what I was doing next in Shavasana. Sitting in those spaces of discomfort on my mat has brought me into such depths and healing - a foundation for a lifelong practice that I am honored to share. As a sales rep for Vans Shoes, part owner of The Shoreline Hotel in Tofino, and multifaceted yoga teacher, I have been mastering the art of integration of career with passion my whole life. Making decisions on feel and intuition. Studied in Hatha and Kundalini, I am extremely interested in how energy moves and holds in the body - unlocking tension, creating space and building strength to show up as your best self over and over again. I strongly believe we practice on our mats so we can actualize off the mat. Through a range of modalities, increased self-awareness, and transcendent playlists, I am in the work of holding space (and helping you find it for yourself) to allow your creativity to flow into your life’s purpose – aligning and inspiring you to live your full potential.


Janet Stone and Marianne Wells

Gloria Lantham

Gloria Lantham

Janet Stone and Marianne Wells

Janet Stone and Gloria Lantham

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