Christopher Osvai

New York

"As above, so below."

I am an empath and intuitive who works with the ancient art of the Tarot and the power of Archetypes and how they are at play in our lives and psyche to explore and discover potential timelines and pathways for our highest good. I have been greatly influenced in my education by the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and the exploration of the nature of archetypes which led me to learn and explore hermeticism and the Tarot, a divination tool dating back to the 15th century. I am also an artist and interior designer with a focus on creating sacred space.


Energy Healing



My Philosophy

It is my belief that with time and practice we all have the gift to tap into the super conscious mind that connects all life, it just takes practice and time to connect. Often times in my readings, both current energies at play in a client's life as well as themes that have been at play over lifetimes reveal themselves and elucidate a path forward for our personal alchemy on the path to our highest expression.

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