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""Begin with the end in mind" "I Love Me""

Judge William Dawson, aka “The Yogi Judge,” has inspired millions of followers and court TV viewers as a presiding judge of the East Cleveland Court. He inspires yogis around the world with his spiritual, powerful and uplifting teachings. He is known to leave his participants' enlightened and stronger. Judge Dawson goes to the edge in everything that he does, his classes are the same. As co-creator of Power Yoga Flow technologies, Life Coach, Mentor, creator of numerous programs to support the rehabilitation of adults and young adults, breaking negative cycles with guidance, structure, life skills and tools for personal growth. As a father, judge, and teacher, Judge Dawson embodies yogic values in all aspects of his life. Join Judge Dawson on the journey of seeking to being. From simply recognizing what our best life is, to breaking the cycles that keep us from living it, through the tools that empowered himself: meditation, coaching, leadership, and yoga.


Emotional Intelligence

Devotion Yoga

Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)

Cycle Breakers

Finish First Leadership

My Philosophy

Yoga gives us the ability to tap into our greater selves but to do that requires intentionality. With Power Yoga Flow my aim is to help the world fully commit to being the best version of themselves. And most of all, to live as the best version of themselves everyday.

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