Paula Pister


" "We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit" - Aristotle. "

I’m Paula from Mind Body Bright (Glow with Soul). As an Ayurveda Health Counsellor and Lifestyle Mentor, Yoga Teacher and Busy Mom living in a Big City, it is my mission to help dynamic, intelligent, creative women who feel exhausted, overworked and overwhelmed, to embrace simple but transformative, daily, seasonal, and time of life, habit changes based on Ayurveda. When they do they begin to cultivate inner calm, vibrant health, and a reignited passion for life. This holistic process connects them to their inner wisdom and teaches them nourishing habits that align them with nature's rhythms, helping them reclaim their personal power and embody inner peace and outer glow. I teach simple tools, practices, and mindsets plus powerful daily rituals based in Ayurveda to help you create your best self in Body, Mind, and Spirit.


John Friend, Noah Maze, Marc Holtzman, Tara Judelle and others

Laughing Lotus, Rodney Yee, Schuyler Grant and many others

Yoga Health Coaching

Shakti School and Living Ayurveda

Spirit Junkie and years of yoga and mediation leading

My Philosophy

Self-care is NOT Selfish- It's MANDATORY. When you "put your oxygen mask on first", only then can you be of service to others, and truly live your dharma (purpose). I'm here to guide you into becoming your OWN BEST SELF-CARETAKER by tuning inward, aligning with the rhythms of nature, and taking care of yourself ...because that is your birthright.

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