Bayleigh Varnel


"Speak with intention, bring it into existence."

Hi there! I'm a Leo sun, Pisces moon, and Taurus rising! I’m an Astrologer and Women’s Spiritual Wellness Coach with an emphasis on healing, gaining a clear understanding of who you truly are through astrology, and the tools to heal and manifest with spirituality. My healing journey began in 2014, when I discovered the amazing power of the universe. This discovery came as a result of my own deep suffering caused by being engulfed in a long term emotionally abusive relationship. The pain from this relationship introduced me to astrology and spirituality and has led me to my purpose and achieving happiness. My journey of practicing self-love and self-discovery gave me the ability to develop a beautiful system to aid in the process of true healing. This is accomplished by digging deep into the essence of your personality, learning your life purpose, and discovering how to make your dreams come true. The universe revealed itself to me so that I could heal and help others and I am honored to serve as your guide to embracing the design of your life set in the stars!


Bachelor of Arts

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