Lauren Miller


""The Mountain is You""

I began to practice yoga, meditation, and other spiritual modalities after the traumatic loss of my father. I was overwhelmed with feelings of grief and sadness and found that yoga and meditation helped move painful emotions, negative thoughts, and stagnant energy out of my body and mind. I realized that my thoughts and emotions were being held in different areas of my body, this realization lead me to the world of Somatic Healing. I began to learn how to interpret the emotional language of the body. My passion is to support others on their healing journeys, I understand how confusing and challenging it can be to have to pick yourself again after a hard time. I believe that everyone can heal if they are given guidance and support they need. My job is to help you identify your emotional blocks through the language of the body, and fully release them through the subconscious mind, where they reside.


Toe Reading

I Am Yoga Nidra

Yin Yoga/ Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Yoga Teacher Training

Somatic Psychology/ Meditation and Philosophy

Life Coaching/ Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Toe Reading/ Soul Coaching

Philosophy and Meditation

My Philosophy

I believe that healing is not a linear journey, rather it happens in small increments of emotional release and profound realizations. Everyone is capable of greatness, the biggest block one will ever have to overcome is held in their own mind. We are all driven and controlled by our emotions whether we are conscious of it or not.

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