Jeffrey Eisen


"My purpose is to awaken, empower and inspire others by sharing my love and wisdom"

I’m a Toronto-based spiritual life coach, channeler, energy intuitive, teacher, and nature/travel photographer. My mission is to help shift the consciousness of the planet one individual at a time. After more than 30 years of successfully growing and managing a multi-million dollar steel distribution and fabrication business as president and CEO, I left the corporate world to embark on an intense journey of self-discovery. I realized, at the age of 50, that I cared more about people than profits and wanted nothing more than to dedicate my life to awakening, empowering, and inspiring others by sharing his love and wisdom. Since giving up my active role in the business, I have become a skilled spiritual life coach, channeler of Shaltazar, energy intuitive, author, Reiki Master, and teacher. I live my passion every day, working to help people find true happiness, contentment, and inner peace.

My Philosophy

My unique style of coaching encompasses a practice of intuition, acceptance and empowerment, to guide clients toward significant and meaningful change. I take a holistic approach — working on your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges and blocks — while using coaching and experiential techniques to help you uncover, process, release and shift these.

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