Tara Bianca


"Today is a day of loving awakening. I invite you into Love."

Love Activist, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Publisher and Author of "The Flower of Heaven" and "Play Well." My mission is to awaken Love into the world, as well to inspire humanity to awaken and ascend to the power of Love, Joy, Peace and Equality, and to come home to the deepest, most Divine Truth of their being-ness. Since I was 6 years old, I became curious about the deeper questions of existence and God. Receiving no guidance from the adults around me, I felt deeply alone and disconnected. I turned my attention over to the Divine and asked for direct mentorship. As I grew in devotion to Love, I received Divine teachings and mentorship. Simultaneously, I experienced very traumatic experiences, harrowing tests, rights of passage, and challenging training. At the age of 26, I experienced a profound state of awakening that radically changed the course of my life. Since then, I have been blessed with greater states of awareness and wisdom. Each stage of evolution has required deep integration. My transformation has provided me with a map to assist others to move from suffering to peace, love and harmony. In addition to a life of Divine mentorship, I combine over 25 years of research, teaching, speaking, and private coaching experience with expertise in healing the mind, body, and soul to help people revolutionize their life for success. I write and teach about love, awakening, transformation, spirituality, peace, consciousness, tantra, stress management, health & wellness, biohacking, neurohacking, nutrition, relationships, parenting, and pregnancy. I assist clients and students to transform their lives, feel empowered and experience self-compassion and self-acceptance. I live between ocean and rainforest in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

My Philosophy

"A mysterious wisdom within you has been beckoning you to open to Love and experience inner freedom. You are invited into the inner art of awakening the Divine heart." ~Tara Bianca

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