Alana Ruoso


"Fortune favors the brave."

Hello! My name is Alana. I’m a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Career/Life Coach for those eager to release their limiting beliefs, ditch the struggle, and own their value. After spending more than 20 arduous years in corporate as a brand manager, art director, and graphic designer, I realized I simply could not keep going. I woke up every day feeling tired, anxious, fearful, and overcome with sadness, knowing my draining lifestyle was pushing me far, far away from healthy fulfillment. As a recovering people-pleaser, achievement addict, and toxic-workplace survivor, I’m passionate about helping others reconnect with their true purpose and easily fall back into alignment. My journey into ThetaHealing has been unexpected and beautiful. I was inspired to jump feet-first into this work after my own coach asked me a simple question: “How are you honoring your spiritual self?” Yikes! That was my cue to reconnect with myself and pivot towards the work I truly love. After working with a few clients, I could not deny the powerful impact the ThetaHealing modality has on people seeking healing and change. This simple, guided meditation technique helps clients gain peace and clarity around issues such as self-worth, confidence, and career choices, and overcome challenges like toxic workplaces and financial stress. When ThetaHealing is combined with my career and life coaching methods, my clients discover how they’re limiting themselves, decrease their fear, increase their confidence, and learn how to use their energy to show up in new, powerful ways. Yes, a path free of overwhelming struggle is available to you! And I can’t wait to be a guide during your transformation. To your brave success and healing, Alana


COR.E Dynamics Leadership Specialist

Certified Executive Coach

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

My Philosophy

We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves. ~ Checking in with your gut is the ultimate due diligence. ~ Bring compassion to every table. ~ Fortune favors the brave. ~ Confidence can be cultivated.

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8:00 pm
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May 18
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