Ursula Howard


"Be comfortable in your practice, make space for yourself. Give yourself permission. Yoga.Live.Love.Laugh "

I consider myself a unconventional yogi. I am nerdy, quirky, and love to laugh. Yoga was a happy accident, one of my friends in college suggest to go to the class, and I was very hesitated because I assumed you need to be flexible in order to do yoga. It's been 24 years later, I learn your brain have to be flexible and willing, I received my teaching training in 2018. I believe teaching yoga is my superpower. Raja Yoga, is the style of yoga I teaching bases upon the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali there are 8 Limbs Pathways. In this practice for me, its the willingness to give yourself permission to work on anything with no time constrains. Allowing yourself to breathe. reset, focus, and also forgive yourself.


Raja Yoga

Antiracist Organizing and Social Justice Patangali's Yoga Sutra

My Philosophy

Give yourself permission, I stress this a lot in my classes, thank yourself on the things you continuing are working on. Namaste.

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