Caitlin Delahunta

New Jersey

"I am worthy as the divine human being I am, dancing this life with steadiness and ease, trusting the Divine will and timing of all. "

I am a yoga and meditation teacher and reiki practitioner with a passion for psychology, deep understanding, and intuitive empathy. I work to bring awareness to the layers of self - body, mind, and soul acknowledging the interconnection of all. I weave my teachings with awareness, movement, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, nature’s wisdom, spiritual philosophy, and scientific knowledge. I also practice reiki, an energy healing modality that promotes deep relaxation and supports healing. I specialize in stress and anxiety management, utilizing practices supported by science to relax the body, balance the nervous system, and calm the mind. These practices are my daily medicine for relieving and managing stress + anxiety. They have helped me recover from a physical and energetic burnout of lifelong chronic stress and high anxiety resulting from unprocessed traumas of my life and ancestral. Calming the internal chaos so that we can dance in the external chaos with steadiness and ease. For once we feel safe and at ease in body and mind, we can connect with our soul self of love and peace. With authentic intuition and compassion, I am a healer at heart and strive to hold a safe space for individuals to release and reconnect, to heal and feel inner peace. For each person who does will have a ripple effect reaching others, healing individually to heal collectively.


Yoga Teacher Training - Om Factory NYC

Yoga, Mind, Spirit Training - The Nalanda Institute NYC

Reiki Level I and II Certified - Ssanyu Birigwa, Reiki Mentor; Dr. Mikao Usui Lineage

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