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"You are your own best Medicine @Sylvia Colbourne Martin Be grateful, be thankful, when you heal a little, I heal a little, God is love and love is everywhere always available!❤️"

I am a Confidence Mindset Coach. I help open the miracles that lie within. As you learn to trust yourself and open confidence the world looks better. Some tool I use in training is Yoga, Language codes, NLP, and Hypnosis?? Because each tool helps you reveal truth. A SOUL GATEway to the heart. After dealing with a lifetime of labels, ADD, ADHD, and being bullied, I was inspired to learn how to look past outer circumstances and dive deep into my soul. At the age of 21, I began a journey to loving me, and on this journey I became a Yoga teacher, Ordained minister, NLP, CBT, Hypnosis therapist Realizing just how incredibly powerful all of these tools can be in transforming our inner and outer worlds, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others open birthright, the inner strength and peace that lies within. I now work with clients all over the world on ZOOM and I absolutely love what I do! I help people just like you to discern and navigate pitfalls, and to recognize the freedom power we have. Now is the time to breathe, listen and show up for you, because you deserve the BEST!❤️❤️ Together we heal, clear and release anything blocking you from who you were born to be on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, soul (past, present, and future.). Gloria In Excelsis Deo,


550 hour

Yoga Trinity

Soul Parenting

My Philosophy

Express love, gratitude, appreciation towards yourself, the people you love and the world . Learn to say "Thank you." - "TRUST" and confidence is the niche I work with because we need to trust ourselves and others in order to fully thrive. I believe that we are living in a Loving, friendly universe that wants nothing more than to support us. I invite you to take my hand.

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