Shweta Roth

North Dakota

"I am Consciousness. What I focus on, is what I am conscious of. What I am conscious of, expands. I will allow my consciousness to expand and perceive Divine Consciousness emanating Divine Joy, Divine Wisdom, Divine Love within the depths of my being."

Namaste! Discontentment in life brought me to the threshold of Yoga or should I say Yoga came to me! And today, the sweet elixir of pure joy and wisdom flows unto me from the depths of my being. In an effort to share the joy I discovered, I teach Pranayama, Yoga nidra, and another holistic class combining Asana (yoga poses), Pranayama, and Meditation. Yoga is a sacred science of the Soul. When practiced sincerely, one discovers their hidden innate potential. The growth, healing, and joy experienced by the student, is the real wealth I seek. In time, when their beliefs give way to faith and commitment, a new realm unknown to most, opens up. Getting to share such abundance makes me feel endlessly fulfilled and content.


200 hours YTTC

Yoga vidya certification

Kriya yoga meditation

200 hours YTTC

My Philosophy

There is but only one eternal Truth. Our purpose is solely to discover that and realize our innate oneness with the one Creator.

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