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"With every breath, every thought, every word, and every action may I step further into the light of unconditional love and surrender to service of the highest good, for the benefit of all."

I am a Reiki Master, Behavior Therapist, Transformation Coach and Founder of healme.nyc, a holistic wellness studio in Long Island City, NYC. We offer sessions, classes, and workshops to promote the well-being of our entire community. In sessions, I use a combination of Reiki, Native American Medicine, Behavior Therapy, Life Coaching, and Intuitive Energy Healing to help clients free themselves from limiting beliefs, access the power of unconditional love, and learn to step into their full power. Classes focus on rewriting our subconscious, relaxing, and re-balancing.


BA Psychology and Anthropology

Registered Behavior Technician Training- BACB

International Center for Reiki Training- VibraWellness

My Philosophy

We all deserve to be happy, healthy, seen, heard, and loved. The core of our healing journey is learning to transform loneliness, unworthiness, and helplessness into connection, confidence, and courage. We are all capable of healing ourselves through cultivating and harnessing the power of unconditional love. And, by being ourselves, we can inspire others to do the same. And, so the world transforms!

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