Lindsey Grantz

"Leave people better than you found them. I believe in spreading the light to everyone I come in contact with. This to me is the recipe for a fulfilling life!"

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA USA, I've been a yoga practitioner for over a decade, teaching for five. As one would expect, with growth and life experiences, my teachings and practice has evolved immensely. I used to work in corporate wellness/dietetics, and was heavily invested in cardio, HIIT, running, and athleticism, so I originally gravitated towards hot and power yoga. I then completed my Power Vinyasa Certification and taught from this space. While I still practice and like to teach challenging classes, I now find I enjoy the balance of the mental, spiritual, soulful, and softer element of the practice. This shift caused me to further my education to get certified in yoga nidra, meditation, and reiki in Rishikesh, India - The Yoga Capital of the World. I am excited to share from an online platform as I love to connect with others across the globe. Recently, I took a strong detour from being a small business owner, and a 925 rat racer, to learn more about the things that make me tick. Culture, compassion, and travel. I have been traveling full-time for two years, teaching, working, creating, and learning all over the world, from Africa to Asia. I am curious about it all, and like to offer my students a space to learn, feel respected and welcome, and hungry for more. Namaste~


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