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"When I tell myself 'I show up for my life', I remind myself that my life exists right now in this moment.I cannot wait. I cannot put off my dreams or my goals . I show up. I do the work."

Hi Im Alex, I moved to California from London with my family and two cats 14 years ago. I fell in love with yoga over 25 years ago as it was the only activity that I found that would turn off my mind. After moving here I studied over 500 hours of yoga, Life coaching, Reiki healing and sound healing. (Reiki healing is also available long distance over zoom). I love connecting with people and being able to guide them in their practice and offer them modifications so everyone can benefit from the pose. I teach restorative yoga, vinyasa flow, Chakra flow, Inversion practice , and offer Reiki healing and sound healing. Each class has an element of breath work and mediation to to enable the client to fully experience the mind body connection. Expect to build strength, balance and flexibility and learn how to restore your nervous system, prepare to let go, reflect and settle in for restorative classes I will let you know props you will need for class. Prepare to wake up from the inside out as we explore topics such as compassion, gratitude, truth and moderation. You'll learn what it means to truly let go by applying what you have learned on the mat, to deal better with life. I can't wait to practice with you !


family time yoga

Yoga Nidra mediation

yoga vinyasa flow

restore and relax

hatha yoga

guided mediation

Wellness coaching

work-life balance coaching

Reiki level one and two

chakra balancing

mindset matters

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