Kitty Gonzalez

New York

"What you practice grows stronger. "

I’m a professionally certified Life Coach & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m passionate about using my expertise to help my clients envision and create a life of their own choosing. My holistic approach incorporates proven coaching techniques, visioning exercises, yoga, and breath work to remove blocks and generate powerful & intentional action.


Power Vinyasa & Hot Yoga - Yoga to the People

Core Energy Coach - Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching

My Philosophy

I believe that true, positive change comes from within, but that change is difficult to achieve alone. I have yoga, empowering questions asked by my coaches who knew I already held the answers & therapy to thank for my growth. We all have moments of self-doubt and uncertainty, but I strive to live with a sense of gratitude & abundance & an undying curiosity to understand who I am and why I’m here on earth.

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