Nikki Hartley

"We don't need to change who we are, we just need to change how we look at ourselves. The rest will change accordingly. "

My work as a registered hypnotherapist, practitioner of meditation and yoga has been enhanced by recent findings from the field of neuroscience. As our understanding of neurological pathways deepens through scientific findings, it’s becoming clear that the methods I use in my work -- facilitating meditation, mindset, and mindfulness -- can actually quickly facilitate healing processes in the brain and body. This is my passion, helping you understand the way your mind and body work together, and helping you implement positive changes. After more than 11 years of study in the integrative healing arts, I have been so fortunate to use my gifts and my acquired tools to witness miraculous and amazing transformations with my clients. It is my soul’s purpose to help others learn to rewire their brains in a way that resonates with them, feels authentic and gives them the lasting changes they desire.

My Philosophy

I believe that gratitude is at the core of all positive change, and I want to show you how to do the work so that you rewire your neurons so you can get to your “happy place,” by working with your brain’s natural biological tendencies. When you practice strengthening the neuro-highways between the frontal lobe and the amygdala, it will improve your emotional state, your resiliency and your overall mood and outlook on life. When you change your mind, you change your life.

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