Cassie Oiler


"If you believe in your own power then you are already powerful"

My life is revolved around the constant betterment of myself and living life to the fullest. Outside of yoga I am found rock climbing, slack-lining, hiking, camping in my pop-up camper, fire spinning, and serving my community in various ways. I hope to guide others to heal themselves, open themselves up through yoga and deep meditation. I am always learning more and finding the right tools to help me so that I can share my journey with others, inspire others to find their true self, and find what feels good. Yoga has helped me become the person I am today and continues to guide me while building character and becoming the best version of myself. I follow the 8 limbs of yoga and have so much respect for the origins of yoga. We were given so many tools from those who came before us and brought yoga to wherever we are in the world and I think that knowledge should be honored and passed on. I look forward to teaching all of you. I hope you find light and inspiration from my flows. Namaste.


UBU yoga & wellness

UBU yoga & wellness

My Philosophy

Walk through life simply living just to live, not expecting anything but making your desires come true through speech, action and dedication.

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