Jenifer Freer


"Find alignment first."

Jenifer Freer is an intuitive yoga instructor from Las Vegas, NV. Jenifer has always been connected and aware of the power of the universe and the ability to be sensitive to energy. She enjoys providing a safe space for people to release whatever energetic blocks they are holding onto. She is a certified vinayasa and kundalini yoga teacher, angel intuitive, seraphim blueprint practitioner, and reiki practitioner. She enjoys guiding others through meditations while teaching them how to meditate on their own. She is passionate teacher who emphasizes teaching others how to get in tune with themselves, and share conscious tools that work for them. Her spiritual teachers who she has resonated with most are Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Florence Scovel Shin, and Yogi Bhajan.


Angel Intuitive cert


Reiki I and II

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