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"Like the lotus that rose from the swamp, keeps on expanding never to look back."

I grew up in a Mexican border town, a Friday the 13th on a new moon. I started training dance at the age of 3 and by the age of 9 discovered yoga through my dance teacher. The first time I ever tried yoga I knew "this is my jam". Started with solely the physical practice, and as I grew into the community of yoga and came to take a closer look at the tree of yoga. Learning more about the philosophy, meditation, and the more of the Metaphysical. I ended up committing to the path of Yoga and Music that have always filled my soul with so much joy. After many hours of yoga training, workshops and completing a 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico city, I decided to go live the life that I always dreamed of, and started traveling the world. I traveled to India, sat and served a few Vipassana courses. Traveled to Nepal and started teaching yoga full time for a wellness center as well as for a Yoga teacher training at a retreat center. Eventually ended up teaching yoga in a small beach town in Turkey until I mace it back to Northern California. After Shiva Rea heard my singing voice during one of her trainings, she blessed me to start my musical journey, and took that leap I had been wanting for years. Last year before the pandemic hit I was living in Northern California, and I earned a two week scholarship to go be part of an artistic residency in Nicaragua where I'd learn about music production, circus arts, masks , more yoga and dance. I was lead to teach Vocal Activation classes during the artistic residency as well as started recording my music.


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