Kiana Ng

"Ignite your power, step into your light."

Giver at heart, lover of soulful connection, teacher of expressive movement, advocate for personal empowerment. // I'm passionate about sharing this practice because it's an opportunity for me to help you deepen your connection to, and understanding of, your body. Not only this, but your mat creates a space for you to shine light on your own healing. Yoga merges mind, body, and soul to create a powerful experience and my teachings are a way for me to help you strengthen this relationship to your mind, body, and soul through challenging, yet introspective asanas, techniques, and meditations. In my classes, expect to be kept on your toes with creative sequencing, options to explore arm balancing and inversions, and precise cues that turn your attention to your physical and internal practice. For more about me and my journey, visit

My Philosophy

My ultimate truth is to help you re-connect to yourself – mind, body & soul. I want to help you embody authentic confidence by inspiring and leading you into becoming an active participant in healing your life. When you choose to take ownership of your own internal & external landscape, you become a force that no one has the power to shake.

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