Kimmy C Yogini

New Hampshire

"Yoga fosters the balance of the physical body and energetic body, with the breath becoming the bridge between the two. "

As a full-time yoga instructor with a background in trauma-sensitive Yoga, I have diverse experience teaching in numerous venues. Purposefully choosing to broaden my reach I teach Hatha and Restorative Yoga, as well as Mindfulness and Guided Meditation at local studios, fitness clubs, workshops, retirement communities, as well as at the department of corrections, and other rehabilitation facilities. In sharing my love of yoga, my vision as an instructor is to affect those I guide by elevating their awareness of the connection between the physical and energetic body. I teach Hatha yoga with a focus on lengthening and strengthening the muscles, connecting breath with movement, incorporating slow flow and holding some postures for increased strength, flexibility, balance and inward focus. Passionate about my path, I am excited to expand my reach even further, taking my journey to the next level from my studio to your home. Through Vivaya, the world’s first online interactive live-streaming yoga and wellness center, my reach is now limitless to share my message. Wherever I teach, all I ask of my students is to meet their body where it’s at on any given day without judgment upon themselves. Whether making modifications or micro-adjustments, the goal is to find comfort in any stretch, pose or movement by identifying the difference between pain and sensation within their body. At times, to simply be still and present in their body becoming at home with their breath. I am looking forward to seeing you on your mat soon! What are you waiting for, there is no better time like the present!


Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Abhyasa Yoga Inst., Study of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Teaching Methodology, Philosophy, Physical/Energetic Anatomy.

My Philosophy

Yoga is the process of our bodies seeking the light inside of ourselves, and then growing toward that light. My intentions are to create awareness and inspire others to realize the benefits gained from a physical, energetic and therapeutic yoga practice. Additionally, learning that when we become aware of our bodies on our yoga mats, we will become aware of our bodies off of our yoga mats, and in our everyday lives.

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