Margaret Miller


"I am clear. I am light. I am love. My power unfolds from within. I am a clear healing channel. I radiate life, light, love, joy, and compassion."

Margaret Miller owns SpiritWolf Healing Arts in Utah. She has been a practicing Spiritual Mentor, Transformational Coach, and Reiki Master Teacher for many years. She began studying her own natal astrology and Sabian Symbols at age 17 with a mentor, and began mentoring others in their natal astrology and sabian symbols about 15 years ago. She is deeply involved in Lakota Spirituality, being mentored and guided by Elders in the tradition; and practicing, leading ceremony and mentoring others.


My Philosophy

Mitakuye oyasin. We are all related. We are all deeply connected to the Earth, each other and all of creation. We are Infinite Beings, designed to live at the very high frequencies of unconditional love, joy, ecstasy, and appreciation. In order to live to your highest potential you must truly know yourself. "Know Thyself".

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