Elina Kivikoski

United Kingdom

"Stay humble, Stay Curious."

Hello - My name is Elina, and I am a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher. I grew up in a household where yoga was studied by my parents, but it was only after several years in Academia, and a decade working around the world for a Multinational Financial Technology company that I started teaching yoga full time. My style is focused on the biomechanics of the body and working in the intersections of mobility and strength, infused with a decent amount of breath awareness and at least a little bit of yoga philosophy. As a life-long athlete I have gone through few big injuries, teaching me valuable first hand lessons about (E/)ego, patience, rehabilitation and holistic approach to healing and bouncing (or crawling, as it sometimes felt) back to active lifestyle. I firmly believe that yoga works for everybody and every body to support us in life. The key is to find the teacher(s) and style(s) that resonate with you. I encourage my students to ask questions, to continually inquire what is – but also to dare to let go and surrender, to see what unfolds. Again and again. I would love to meet and see you in my classes.


Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience; Yoga Nidra for Mental Health

YogaWorks 200 h Yoga Teacher Training

YogaWorks 200 h Yoga Teacher Training; Yoga Therapy for Depression

YogaWorks 200 h Yoga Teacher Training

My Philosophy

Be kind, and remember kindness starts with ourselves. Be curious, be willing to challenge others but also yourself, when the time is right. Be willing to rest and to be still. Be willing to tune inwards and listen to the body - the body often knows the best.

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