Megan Swan


"When we strip back the layers of everyday toxins in our environments and our systems we can redefine what makes us thrive, what truly comforts us and ultimately who we really are underneath it all. "

I am a Wellness and Mindset Coach specializing in detoxification from refined sugars, gluten, alcohol, dairy, and processed foods. I love guiding women to reevaluate their relationship with these everyday toxins in order to rediscover their true sense of self and natural energy because it was a game changer for me. 
 Since I have eliminated processed foods, refined sugar and gluten from my diet, I have found new levels of energy. In fact, now, at 42, I have another level of energy, clarity and tranquility then ever before. Specialties: Plant-based Living, Detoxification, Mindful Practices, Stress Management, Yoga, + Meditation.


Yoga Teacher Training

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Experta en Détox

My Philosophy

My Sustainable Integrative Wellness Approach dives deep to provide an energetic overall of your diet, mindset, work/life balance and lifestyle so we can find a sustainable and integrative solution that works perfectly for you. No one strategy, diet, lifestyle or routine works for everyone. You need to discover what truly makes you thrive, not just survive in this beautiful life.

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