Denise Diaque

"*We have a lifetime to explore. *Curiosity rather than ambition. *Give credit to yourself."

Hi there i have been practicing yoga for almost 13 years, I started when i was 16 and ever since then I'm convinced that is the best way to self knowledge, awareness, self control, balance, stability and health. Having a back ground in extreme sports, dance and massage i have put together practices that help lengthening and strengthening, activation and calmness, empowerment and surrender; Just really nice and different ways to find flow, aperture and to be stable and centered at the same time. I live by the beach in Mexico so life is active and fun, but there are also those nice hammock times to relax. I have come to integrate the benefit of effort and release in life and in practice. Join me, let's move together and find our center.


Hatha Yoga

Chakra Meditation

Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)

My Philosophy

We all have a special part in this life, sometimes we go outside of ourselves to find happiness, reward, and love, but it is all within us, we most give it to ourselves first. I believe we all have to live life differently because we are all different, even though we are told to live life in specific ways we must find our own method, to do that, following our heart is a really good place to start.

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