Delia C. O. Sanchez

United Kingdom

""A change requires an order. An order requires a willingness. Willingness is on you. Are you ready?""

Delia C. O. Sanchez is a pharmacist, biochemist and has a master’s degree in pharmacology. After spending many days in silent meditation retreats, she developed a passion for energy healing. After successfully overcoming several career changes, today Delia is an Energy Alignment Mentor, Meta Health Practitioner, Archetype Coach, Soul Career Finder and Life Reinvention Strategist. As healer and teacher, she is committed to her mission which is a #consciousreinvention movement in partnership with best selling author, international TEDx speaker and media personality, Dr Andrea Pennington. Together they empower many others to find the real version of themselves and consciously reinvent their lives. As a co-author of Holistic Healing, Delia explores her personal journey from a difficult skin disorder to finding her own path and soul career. As of today she has empowered many clients around the world, including UK TV celebrities, on finding their own connection to their real and most beautiful version of themselves.



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