Suki Clements

"Less is more! Honoring ourselves and pushing oneself through words of affirmation can help facilitate growth so much more than forcing ourselves to do something. When we can quiet the mental chatter we can hear what our body and mind has to say. "

As a professional dancer and yoga teacher, my deep understanding and awareness of the mind body connection allows me to create a safe, challenging, and rewarding space for my students. With a BFA in Dance along with professionally dancing in New York City for the past six plus years, I pair my knowledge as a performer and artist with my deep connection to the spiritual (and of course physical) aspect of yoga. Being an advanced yogi with the physical asanas is just the tipping point for an amazing yoga practice. We can connect to the practice of yoga by using mindful awareness and being intentional with our interactions, our relationships, our words to others and most importantly to ourselves. I truly believe love starts within first before it can expand outward in the world, and showing up to your mat every day, without judgement, allows us to push beyond the insecurities we face, the self doubt we tell ourselves. Yoga is always there for you when you need it, and for that I am so grateful.


Lotus Flow

Lotus Flow

Lotus Flow

My Philosophy

I facilitate the growth of my students mentally, physically, spiritually through affirmation teaching, creative sequencing, and a unique playlist. I invite my students to honor where they are at but also invite and encourage them to push past their comfort zone because growth and change always lay on the other side. On the other side of fear lives freedom That being said yoga is so much fun, and it is completely encouraged to have a good time and not take yourself too seriously.

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