Mona Hinman-briscoe


"“When nothing seems right..go left!” and "Your life is an occasion, rise to it.""

As a lifelong adventure enthusiast and adrenaline junkie, yoga has taught Mona that the benefits of coming to the mat extend well beyond anything physical (and she has to say that physically, yoga has lengthened and toned her entire body more than anything else). She frequently shares with others that yoga saved her life. In struggles that seemed impossible to “survive,” she found that her mat provided grace, space, peace, solitude, strength, clarity, and most importantly, taught her the powerful life-force of breath (pranayama). Off her mat, Mona is an avid skier, snowboarder, surfer, paddle boarder, runner, hiker, backpacker, outdoor enthusiast, reader, thrill-seeker, and animal-lover. She is a 7th generation Colorado native (her family’s origins trace back to the Blackfoot Indians), wife and mom to three AMAZING children! Mona is a former roller derby athlete who travelled worldwide with a championship team competing in the sport. You may also recognize Mona from the CBS reality TV show, “The Amazing Race - Season 22,” where her and Beth, a lifetime dear friend and roller derby teammate, traveled the world experiencing countless thrills and chills. In fact, Mona and Beth made it to the final 3, ultimately not taking home the $1,000,000 prize, but rather something far more valuable, the life changing experience of seeing the world. Mona’s friend and family will tell you that above all, she is a helper. Mona is always looking for ways to support, love and grow those around her. Vinyasa is Mona’s favorite style of yoga and she aims to infuse compassion, creativity, simplicity and inspiration in each of her classes. Her hope is that each time you step off your mat, you leave feeling nourished, balanced and invigorated.


RYT 200 - The Yoga Studio Castle Rock

My Philosophy

I strongly believe that each and every one of us has both the internal power and strength to change, to adapt, and to heal the mind, body and soul through the ancient art of yoga and pranayama. Through my personal experiences as a yogi, my aim is to nudge others towards and through their yoga practice, in turn empowering them with tools that extend beyond the physical asana. Yoga heals. Yoga strengthens. Yoga deepens. Yoga transforms... allow yourself to dive-in!

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