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"Love is the very essence of life. It doesn't have to be earned, you don't have to wait for someone to give it to you, and you can never be found undeserving of it. You are lovable, just as you are."

Dr. Andrea Pennington is an integrative physician, acupuncturist, meditation teacher and a #1 international bestselling author. She is Founder of the #RealSelfLove Movement through which she speaks globally to reduce the stigma of mental illness and to support people in building resilience and living authentically. She proudly shares insights on Conscious Relationships with the RLove community, a spiritual-based conscious connection platform developed by Rhythmia, which helps people find a spiritually aligned soul connection. Inspired by her extensive study of medical nutrition, positive psychology and neuroscience-inspired biohacking Dr. Andrea leads a team of holistic health professionals on the online media platform, In8Vitality, blending ancient wisdom and modern science for enhanced vitality and life mastery. Dr. Andrea is also a documentary filmmaker, acclaimed international TEDx speaker, and a sought-after media personality. She has shared her empowering insights on holistic healing and resilience on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Oz Show, iTV This Morning, CNN, the Today Show, Thrive Global and HuffingtonPost and as a news anchor for Discovery Health Channel. Andrea's latest book, The Real Self Love Handbook includes The Cornerstone Process, a proven 5-step framework guiding people to liberate to their authentic self, and build resilience on a foundation of real self-love. Her bestselling multimedia project, The Orgasm Prescription for Women, has been hailed as one of the most comprehensive sexual and emotional health books of today.


My Philosophy

Confidence, Real Self Love, and Vitality are encoded in your DNA! You have an innate capacity to heal, recover and return to a state of optimal wellbeing. I'm here to help you on your journey of liberating your Authentic Self and reclaiming wellness. Through a holistic, integrative approach, we will work together to process old trauma, heal the inner child, remove limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind and rewire your brain for clarity and confidence.

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