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"Peaceful mind = Peaceful life. Be Like Water.... "

Welcome! My journey from being a ballet dancer in Yokohama, Japan to a TaiChi Master in Boston started with a Japanese manga that I read as a teenager which left a huge impression on me. I have experience competing and performing, nationally and internationally, winning gold medals in both national and world wushu/taichi competitions, but consider my decade long studies under legendary TaiChi Grandmaster Bow Sim Mark of Boston's Tai Chi Arts Association as my most influential teacher and, what has given me the deep understanding of how TaiChi's breath and energy work optimizes wellness on all fronts. The foundation of my teachings are based in the internal healing arts of TaiChi and QiGong but my personal wellness journey lead me to multiple healing modalities which I incorporate into sessions with students and clients as well as larger audiences. Over the years in addition to my taichi training, I have chosen to focus my attention on learning a variety of healing methods, including studying to become a reiki master of the Usui Method under Master Starr Beauvais, and studying homeopathy at the New York School of homeopathy, and Luminous School of Homeopathy Foundation and Master Clinicians program under the guidance of Master Homeopath Louis Klein. I often combine aspects from the various healing arts in all of the teaching, and healing programs I create. I have a special interest in working with people that have/had cancer, and am a certified holistic cancer coach through The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. I try to incorporate ways to cultivate inner strength, harmony in all of my classes, and always like to keep a sense of humor. Looking forward to seeing you in class!



Energy Healing


Reiki Advanced Practitioner Program for Intuitive Usui Method of Natural Healing

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to lead a life in harmony and in balance with nature's ways. My mission is to promote healthy and harmonious lifestyle change through my workshops, group classes and private consultations.

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