Aishwarya Balaji

"You have overcome 100% of the obstacles in your life so far. Don't fake it till you make it, be it because you are it. "

I am a born and bred type A go-getter. I launched multiple startups in Silicon Valley and NYC, spoke around the world (even gave a TEDx talk). I thought I knew the true meaning of "living the dream." Only it wasn't really my dream. After a health scare and some personal trauma I decided to build a tool belt that would support me to lead a more sustainably happy, healthy and successful. I dug deep into meditation, therapy, coaching and Ayurveda and broke down unhealthy patterns in my life. The transformation was incredible and I began to share my learnings with other high achieving people to help them embrace the human inside them and release the perfectionism.

My Philosophy

I believe that it is integral that each of us operate from a place of strength rather than fear to lead a peaceful and content life. My meditations, visualizations and coaching focus primarily an unpacking those fears and reflecting deep within ourselves to address and release what blocks us the most.

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