Camille Ventrell

"We are all doing the best we can, given our level of awareness. Let's level up!"

I am a modern change agent – an integrative hypnotist, an energy healer, a guide, a lawyer, a teacher, a transformation coach, and a . . . On some level, these are just labels - ones that tend to limit the way we see our world of possibilities. So these days, I'm more apt to think of myself as someone who is exploring - learning to see in new ways. And I love guiding others to see in new ways, too.


Hypnosis Healing

Life Coaching

My Philosophy

When we’re young, we know that we learn through experiences. Then life happens and sometimes, we forget that. Whenever we decide we’ve had enough of experimenting with negativity, we can make a new choice. You can begin, now, to explore new empowering thoughts and actions. And when we see the human experience as an adventure, everything becomes lighter and more interesting. Who wants to play?

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