Kat Schamens

New York

"Stay true to your Inner Sparkly Self"

Considered to be a genuine sparkle spirit, finding herself here, there, + everywhere. Kat was raised as a southern gal in North Carolina, then steeped deep in the electric field of Brooklyn/NYC for 7 years. She is currently calling Berlin her homebase as she taps deeper into her German roots. Her passion for yoga was sparked when she was 12 years old as she heard it would improve her skills as a dancer. Needless to say she never went professional but she can thank the yoga practice for the open hips, grace, + courage that has helped her in any dance off that she happens to find herself in. Did someone say, drop down and do a split? Because she's probably already on the floor. All jokes aside, Kat still takes her yoga practice seriously, which is part of the reason why she has accumulated over 1,000 hours of training in the past 7 years. Her classes inspire those to live authentically, while expanding boundaries to go deeper within themselves and the asana practice. Aside from the asanas, she likes to compliment her practice with chakra work, kriyas, pranayama, + essential oils. You can find more info for all of the above on her website, www.KatSparklez.com. Always open for requests + discussions, feel free to reach out on insta @KatSparklez

My Philosophy

Inspired by staying true to her inner sparkly self, Kat likes to create a framework within class that gives space for freedom of movement, so that you can explore where the body needs to release + expand. She believes that by practicing on the mat in an genuine way, that this natural authenticity of passion + truth ripples into the way that we live our lives off the mat. Thus expediting the process of bringing our dreams into our reality.

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