Rebecca Soule

"The root of what I have always shared with my students, in science or yoga classrooms, is "Be True" to your inner compass, your true north, your heart school. Then you will always know your way hOMe. "

Rebecca Soule is based in New York City, and began her yoga and meditation practice over 20 years ago. She has always been a teacher. The combination of her practical knowledge, strong science background and yoga training generates intelligent, accessible yoga classes for people from all experience levels and backgrounds. Rebecca’s students enjoy the well-balanced, physical challenge she offers in her public classes as well as her ability to infuse deep knowledge, humor and compassion into her classes. Her private clients enjoy a the opportunity to explore more complex yoga practices and techniques not generally taught in public classes. Ultimately, Rebecca guides her students toward physical ease with their body, clarity and peace of mind, and to experience their boundless potential of spirit. Rebecca's teaching will guide you towards the wisdom and intelligence you have inside of you, towards your own inner teacher, and ultimately, your best life. Rebecca’s 500-hour E-RYT certification comes from training at Sonic and ISHTA Yoga in New York City, in addition to trainings to teach children’s, restorative and prenatal yoga, as well as yoga nidra, marma point therapy, and yoga for veterans coping with post-traumatic stress. Rebecca continues to study with her teachers, including Rod Stryker of ParaYoga and the Himalayan Institute. Her PhD is in Biology and earned at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Rebecca and her Soule Man (the E is silent) live a very full life in New York City.  





My Philosophy

I am your guide. Your practice is exploration- of your body, mind, your inner self. 20+ years of experience in yoga and science have taught me loads - in anatomy, physiology, alignment, breath, meditation and life. YOU have the best understanding of your body, mind and spirit. Sometimes we lose touch with ourself, our true nature, our potential. My job is to lead you back onto the path that returns you to connection with your body, mind and great spirit so you know, how truly divine you are.

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