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Reiki + Energy Healing

Healing may be a process of overcoming, of working through, of acknowledging, of accepting, of releasing. It may address the physical, emotional or spiritual. While the need for healing differs for everyone, one approach to help any healing journey along is that involving energy work. It also might be the wellness practice most readily available to anyone who opens their heart to it. Such healing is quite powerful, and profound in its subtleties. This includes Reiki and other forms of energy healing – offerings that tap into the energy that exists within the universe and within ourselves to help restore balance and encourage healing.



While Reiki speaks to a specific healing artform originating from Japan, “energy healing” is a broader term for many offerings that work with energy on a deeper level to support your needs. Both are delicate yet potent techniques to help support and facilitate healing by harnessing and working with the energy that naturally exists within and around us. Some energy work involves light hands-on touch, but most – and all within VIVAYA– can be performed at a distance. It’s something everyone can benefit from, and requires little from you – except simply being present.



Whether you have something acute or chronic  you are looking to address, or simply want to feel better, Reiki and other forms of energy healing have much to offer. Like other gentle approaches to healing, Reiki and energy healing can be powerful as-is or as a beneficial complement to other practices or healing modalities.



VIVAYAReiki practitioners have all achieved Master level, earned through extensive education, training and attunement from another Reiki Master. Our energy healers are also well-seasoned practitioners in their respective modalities and approaches to working with energy.