Somatic Awareness Flow

Vinyasa Yoga
All Levels
Mon Dec 11
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

Enjoy a slow flow while tuning into sensation from the inside out.  

We'll start each class with breathwork and a body scan, noticing sensation in each part of the body, then the whole body at once.  We'll progress into a gentle warmup and practice standing poses, flowing with the breath to move energy through and out the body.  We'll transition into and out of poses slowly to build somatic awareness and feel into the present moment.  During the last 15 minutes, we'll come back down to the mat to experience deep stretching in the hips and shoulders, ending with sivasana to allow the mind and body to integrate.


What participants are saying about this class:

"I felt my body open up in a new way.  Thank you!"

"Your cuing allows me to align my mind and body.  Your pacing gives me space to settle into the pose and in myself."

"That was exactly what I needed, but I didn't know I needed it."

"I love how you incorporate the breath.  It really allows me to connect to myself and heal past wounds."

You will focus on

  • Tuning into sensation without judgement
  • Feeling the breath from the inside out
  • Increasing awareness throughout the body and mind
  • Moving energy through and out the body

How to come prepared

  • Set up a yoga mat or practice on carpet
  • Gather a bolster, blocks, or cushions to get comfy in the final poses and sivasana
  • Find a quiet space in your home or in nature