Going with the Astrological Flow

All Levels
Sun Apr 30
(UTC-05:00) New York
30 min

About this class

This is a 30-minute weekly discussion on going with the Astrological flow. We will discuss, for example, the current moon phase and sign, the nodes of the moon, the sun's placement, and any other significcant placements/transits of the personal, social, and/or outer planets. If time permits, we will look at individual birth charts to see which Houses of your charts are highlighted.

I view Astrology as symbolic rather than predictive - we may be able to glean insight from current transits, but it is really up to us to use the energy or not. For me, the planets come alive when we view them as archetypes and reflect on how these archetypes are opearting in our lives. We will discuss how to connect wtih or embody these planetary archetypes and energies in order to wake up dormant parts of ourselves and to feel more vibrant and balanced. 

You will focus on

  • The symbolism of the Sun, Moon, and Planets in our lives.
  • How we can use the planetary archetypes and energies to feel more vibrant and balanced.
  • Practices, rituals, and tools to connect with planetary archetypes.
  • Integrating opposites. The Astrology chart is made up for 12 Signs and Houses and 6 Opposites; when a theme is in focus, the opposite of that theme is a key component that we often overlook.

How to come prepared

  • Have a quiet and comfortable place to sit for class.
  • If you'd like, have your birth details (date, place, and time). We may have time each class to look at one or more charts.