Corporate Corner - Lunch and Learn

Mindfulness (Awareness) Meditation
All Levels
Mon Oct 18
(UTC-05:00) New York
45 min

About this class

This program is designed for people who are looking to gain an edge in their day, increase their efficiency, lead more efffectively, and have more fun -

If you are overworked, overwhelmed, feeling ungrounded, emotionally spent, confused, can't seem to catch up or get a break, find joy or fulfillment or even feel like you're having a good day....THIS is FOR YOU!

A portion of this event will be educational, a portion of it will be transformational, and a portion of it will involve body if lunch is during the second half, enliightened talk

We will work with different tools each class and incorporate real world issues happening to you, based on your input. Expect to feel clearer and more energized!

You will also leave with a simple tool to help you ground when stress starts to accumulate!

You will focus on

  • Real world issues that you may be experiencing
  • Small changes that create seismic shifts in your experience of life
  • somatic techniques
  • Mindfulness

How to come prepared

  • be ready to put something in to get something out
  • have a quiet space
  • be able to move