MOVEMENT TO BLISS : Yoga off the Mat – Journey to Reality - Final Class

Hatha Yoga
All Levels
Tue Jul 27
(UTC-05:00) New York
60 min

About this class

MOVEMENT TO BLISS : Yoga off the Mat – Journey to Reality 

Yoga off the Mat: Priyanka's Dharma

1. When we hold an asana (pose) we are increasing our patience with our self & others.

2. Learning to manage stress by using breathing techniques translates to calmer states of mind so that we become less reactive and think before we say harmful things.

3. By observing our thoughts, watching them pass, we become more understanding & forgiving towards our self & others; more empathetic.


Yoga is about connecting to 3 aspects of your SELF...

so... are you connecting or getting distracted?

Enjoy a sequence of sessions of movement to bliss  with  Priyanka  - Yoga Instructor from India, located in Canada

Sign up and bring a friend (or more) to be your accountable buddy. If you miss a session the recording is available on vivayalive for 2 days...and you can join any sessions. no pre-requiesites here...just a smile and indepth exploration

Each class will focus on one of these aspects so that we can build on them... all levels are welcome.

You will focus on

  • Patience when we are in a yoga pose : how that translates off the mat
  • Breathing techniques to enjoy Calmer states of Mind
  • Observing Thoughts & Watching them Pass : You are not your thoughts
  • Embrace the Perfect Imperfections

How to come prepared

  • Open Mind
  • Empty Stomach (not starving)
  • Yoga Mat & optional Blanket/Strap/Bolster/Cushion
  • Connect & Embrace the Silence Within