Pranayam & Guided Meditation - the breath is the anchor to your present

Mindfulness (Awareness) Meditation
All Levels
Mon Jun 28
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
60 min

About this class

One of the best ways to foray into the world of meditation is with guidance… There are a myriad of meditation techniques, and I tend to borrow a little wisdom from each, so that each meditation is unique, thought provoking and simple. Sometimes it can be a little challenging to sit without a thought and so, a gentle way to ease into taming the mind is with guided meditations. 

We start the journey by connecting to our breath – tapping into the vagus nerve – moving from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system – moving from stress to a calmer state of mind. We will learn, practice and Integrate the:

Bee breath - (Bhramari pranayam which helps with an excessively talkative mind)
Alternate Nostril Breathing - (Anulom/Vilom or Nadi Shodhana) with and without retention
Different Breathing Techniques

and then enjoy a calming guided meditation.  

Once calm, we are guided towards being more mindful. And this can be done with simple awareness. Once relaxed, we are able to better observe our thoughts, be aware of sensations, remain unattached (not detached) from emotions and find our inner harmony. And enjoy this existence, like we enjoy dreams.

Allow your self to manage the stress rather than let it manage you.

 let go – and connect with yourself…

You will focus on

  • Pranayam - Different Breathing Exercises to Quieten the Mind
  • Different Meditative Techniques
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation
  • Managing stress rather than allowing it to manage you

How to come prepared

  • Be seated in your most comfortable chair or recline in savasan
  • light shawl/blanket to cover if you are lying down
  • Open Mind
  • Inquisitive Mind