Oasis Offering

Therapeutic Yoga
All Levels
Wed Jan 20
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time
3 hours, 0 minutes

About this class

Oasis Offering is a three hour respite. This extended class is in response to many Yogis asking for a longer format to dive deeper into our bodies and breath. Practicing apart and supporting each other from afar.

We will begin with finding our breath and grounding ,and your spot at the Oasis. Next introducing some ideas regarding the subtle body and how to use our hands to activate accupressure points around the system.

Moving on to the subtle movements of the spine and joints we will begin to wake up the skeleton and energetic self.

Holding poses for a longer time, allowing the body to unwind and release. Experiencing a deep stretch and relaxation of the tissues.

Standing poses and core work will help build strength and stabilty, balance and coordination.

The last part of the Oasis we will use Therapy balls to release the fascia and move the fluids through our system.

We will end with a restorative pose and breath awareness to complete the "virtual" oasis experience.

I have been leading this class for years and it often takes on a different feeling / tone each time ..organic!


You will focus on

  • Breath
  • Strength/Stabilty
  • Balance/ Coordination
  • Changing the mindset

How to come prepared

  • Strap 10+ is ideal
  • 2 Blocks
  • Blankets/Bolster/Couch pillow
  • Tennis Balls in a sock/ Yoga Tune up Balls